Why You Need A Vaccine Card Holder?

December 18, 2021

Covid Vaccine Card Holder - great for holding your CDC Vaccination Card and keeping it safe.

If you have been vaccinated and have been worried about keeping your CDC covid vaccine card safe, then you will love this article.  I will provide you with some reasons why you may need a vaccine cardholder and where you can find them for sale.

You may need a vaccine card holder if:

1.) You are worried about it getting ripped, bent or damaged.

2.) You have a tough time finding it among the other cards in your wallet or purse.

3.) You plan to travel and want to be able to easily find your vaccine card.

Here's where you can buy your vaccine card holder - just click "Sew Happy Quilting" below:

Sew Happy Quilting


More card holders are being added daily but if you would like to have a custom one made, feel free to email me at: info@sewhappyquilting.com

Stay safe, be well and keep smiling!

~Andrea at Sew Happy Quilting


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