Do you only use 100% cotton fabric?

Yes we do.  We only use 100% cotton fabric in all of our creations.  We choose cotton for it's durability, it's ability to be washed and just for the sheer beauty of the choices in cotton fabrics nowadays.

Do you take custom orders?

You bet we do.  Just contact us to discuss what you would like created.  Whether it be a baby quilt or a bundle of fabric that is coordinating around a certain theme fabric, I can be the person to help you out.  

What are batik fabrics?  It seems like you have a lot of batik items.

Oh batiks, how I love you!!  So batiks sort of remind me of tie dye, except much more detailed and gorgeous.  They are 100% cotton fabric.  Batik fabrics are hand-dyed and unique.  Wax is used in the dying process to help keep certain colors from reaching the base color.  This way layers of colors and designs can be added.  All dyes are colorfast and you can wash and dry batiks as you would normal cotton fabric.

How do I care for my quilted items?

A common misconception about quilted items is that they shouldn't be used.  Just kinda look at them and admire their beauty.  No!  Promise me you will use them.  They are able to be thrown in the washing machine and even the dryer.  If they come out a little wrinkled they can be ironed.  Remember they are made from 100% cotton so you can wash and dry as you would your cotton shirt.  With that being said, I do tend to wash my quilts in the washing machine and often opt to hang them up to air dry.  It's totally your preference on how you wish to dry.