The Insider's Guide to Fabric Subscription Boxes

February 14, 2021

The Insider's Guide to Fabric Subscription Boxes

The Insider's Guide to Fabric Subscription Boxes

      If you are a quilter or crafter and love cotton fabric, you are gonna LOVE this blog!  Here are some things you need to keep in mind when shopping for fabric subscription boxes.

Find a Subscription Box with a Theme

     You want to be sure you aren't signing up for a subscription box with a strange variety of fabric being sent your way, month after month.  It would be hard to use all the crazy fabrics for a project if you end up with say, a bird theme, plaids, batiks and some large print florals.  Stick with one theme so when your subscription is over, you have a gorgeous collection of fabrics that go together to make a larger project if desired. 

Look for High Quality Fabric

     Be sure you check for high quality fabric.  100% cotton quilting fabric is always a nice fabric for projects.  Some fabrics can be very stretchy and hard to work with.  Cottons are definitely a fav fabric of crafters around the world.

Check for the Amount of Fabric Sent Per Month

     Check to see exactly how much fabric is being sent your way each month.  Anything less than a yard of fabric per month is a rather small amount and will be hard to build up a nice fabric stash without dragging out the subscription for a very extended time, thus being a costly endeavor.

Find a Seller Who Specializes in Fabric

     Be sure to buy from a business that specializes in fabric.  Purchasing from someone who sells food subscription boxes, cosmetic subscriptions and fabric ones too. . . it will just leave you with so much doubt as to their area of expertise.  Finding a business that knows fabric and sells fabric other than just the subscription boxes is going to put your mind at ease.  They know what they are selling and are experts in the field.

Don't Waste Money on Boxes with Bells and Whistles

     If you are looking for fabric for your quilting or craft projects, stay focused on just that...fabric.  A lot of "fabric subscription boxes" come with thread, needles, rulers, etc.  They mark up the value of the boxes and charge you for it.  You can easily find all these extra bells and whistles at your local craft store for next to nothing.

Shameless Plug

     Sew Happy Quilting hopes you have found this blog useful.  I am Andrea and the proud owner of Sew Happy Quilting.  I hope you are ready to confidently head out there to snag an amazing fabric subscription box to be delivered right to your door.

     If you love batik fabric, Sew Happy Quilting offers two batik fabric subscription boxes for your crafting pleasure.  Enjoy either batiks by the yard or batik fat quarter bundles.  Batik fabrics are 100% cotton fabric that uses an Indonesian technique of wax dying that is applied to the entire fabric.  Click below to learn more about these subscription boxes.

Batik Fat Quarter Bundle Subscription Box

Batik Fabric By The Yard Subscription Box

   Stay safe, be well and happy sewing!

~ Andrea at Sew Happy Quilting


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