About Us

Sew Happy Quilting is an online quilt shop that sells small quilted items as well as gorgeous fabric for all your quilting needs.  I am the owner and my name is Andrea.  I often get some help from my beautiful teenage daughter Sadie.  She loves going to craft shows with me and she's pretty great at packaging products for mailing. 

I learned to quilt when I was in high school and I fell in love with the process.  Going into fabric shops or getting a huge delivery of fabrics to my door. . . well, it makes me do a little happy dance.  I love fabrics and I love combining them into cohesive groupings either for a quilt or for a bundle of fabric that I sell.  Oh and the hummmm of the sewing machine!!  I just love that sound.  Everything about the quilting process, from beginning to end, makes me feel so blessed that I get to do this for my "job".  I use the word "job" loosely it never feels like work.

I hope you feel the passion in all of my products.  Best wishes.

~ Andrea Scott