What are Pocket Hugs?

March 15, 2021

Pocket hugs make a great gift for the one you love.  Kids, the elderly and any age in between would love receiving a token of your love.  Each one comes with a poem card too.

Are you wondering what pocket hugs are?  Oh you are gonna love these little beauties!  In this blog we will explain what pocket hugs are and how they are being used.  Be sure to check out Sew Happy Quilting's assortment of these little fabric trinkets.  If you don't see the color you want, just contact Sew Happy Quilting to request a custom color combination.

What are pocket hugs?

Pocket hugs are little tokens to give either in person or by mail to friends and family to let them know you are thinking of them. They can place a pocket hug in their pocket and be reminded all day long of the love that is being sent their way.  Most pocket hugs come with a poem card that helps to express your love. 

Who would enjoy receiving a pocket hug?

There are so many people who love receiving these as gifts!  Here's a list of just some of the individuals who have enjoyed these mini quilts. 

  1. Kids - for their first day's back at school, going off to college or overnight trips.  Let them know that while they may be away from you, your are right by their side in spirit.  
  2. Elderly - for those older folks who don't get to see their family much and spend a lot of time alone. If they are in a nursing home or assisted living facility, they love getting mail.  And mail that includes a pocket hug is even more meaningful. 
  3. Those in Isolation - being alone can be depressing.  Send a pocket hug to remind them how much they are loved and to give them strength to get through this lonely time.
  4. Spouse - nothing is more fun than playing an enjoyable game of hide and seek with the one you love.  Hide one of these in your spouse's pocket and wait for him/her to discover the special token of your love.  Who knows?!  Maybe it will be placed in one of your pockets sometime and then the perpetual game has begun!  Back and forth it goes!  


If you would like to purchase a unique 100% cotton, quilted pocket hug from Sew Happy Quilting, click here.  Their pocket hugs are washable, triple stitched at the edges and eco friendly too.

Be well and keep smiling!

~ Andrea @ Sew Happy Quilting


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