Fun Coffee Lover Gift Ideas

Do you love coffee or know someone who does?  I hope you enjoy this coffee lover’s gift guide that’s a compilation of some pretty cool small businesses.  Christmas is just around the corner so why not place that special order today!  Here we go!!!

1.)  Personalized Engraved Yeti Tumbler


Creator:  Hudson Lace ~ Illinois

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Check out these engraved Yeti tumblers!  You can get them personalized and they come in a variety of color options too.  This business is killing it on Etsy with over 45,000 sales.  Just one view of their shop and you will see why.  These make a great gift for that coffee lover in your life. 

2.)  Quilted Coffee Mug Rug


Creator:  Sew Happy Quilting ~ Vermont

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Mug rugs are quilted drink coasters that always wow the coffee lovers out there.  Pass these beauties out the next time you have people over for coffee and listen to them rave about them.  High quality cotton, combined with an insulated batting ensures durability and they are washable too!  They are great for your home office and make a great stocking stuffer too!

3.)  Coffee Sampler


Creator:  I Say It With Cafe ~ Michigan

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These amazing coffee samplers are so fun!  There are a variety of coffees included, plus many come with added treats or even a coffee themed sign.  These make wonderful Christmas gifts.  Ya gotta have some yummy coffee represented here in this coffee lover’s blog post and this won’t disappoint.

4.)  Coffee Lip Balm

Creator:  Blue Poppy Bath ~ Wisconsin

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Oh my!  Do these scream “stocking stuffer!” or what?!  Put these in your coffee lover’s stocking and it’s sure to bring a smile to their face.  This shop has so many different options too.  There are many scents and they are sold as singles or in sets.    

Happy shopping and stay tuned for more fun shop spotlights leading up to this busy holiday season.  

~ Andrea @ Sew Happy Quilting

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