Amazing Products for your Pampered Pet

Do you have a pet that you pamper and spoil?  I know I do, his name is Jordy.

I figured I'd combine my love of small businesses and my love of pets and do a blog about some special finds that are sure to make your pet happy.  Christmas is just around the corner so why not place that special order today!  Here we go!!!

1.)  Quilted Cat Food/Drink Mats

Creator:  Sew Happy Quilting

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These quilted food and drink mats for your cat are sure to spruce up their eating area and make them feel special.  Each one is one of a kind and unique to your fuzzy friend.  They are triple stitched at the edges for added durability and are washable too.

2.)  Pet ID Tags

Creator:  Cherry Tree Lane Design

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These custom pet ID tags are as unique as your pet.  These tags were featured in Southern Living Magazine and you will see why!  They are so gorgeous and fun ~ a great addition to their stocking this holiday season.

3.)  Pet Collar

Creator:  Tag Pup

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These dog collars are not only gorgeous but high quality too.  They are made with a sturdy metal buckle, slide-adjuster and large gauge D-ring, as well as soft, yet heavyweight COTTON canvas webbing strap.  Your pet will love this!

4.)  Macrame Cat Hammock

Creator:  Macrame Beautiful

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Oh your cat will love this!  Check out these adorable macrame cat hammocks.  They come in a variety of colors and sizes and have such a fun boho vibe to them.  

Happy shopping and stay tuned for more fun shop spotlights leading up to this busy holiday season.  

~ Andrea @ Sew Happy Quilting

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