5 Purchases That Will Help The Environment

May 03, 2021

5 Purchases That Will Help The Environment Created by Handmade Artisans | Sew Happy Quilting | Bento Bags for Sale

     If you feel the need to do your part and want to help the environment, check out these unique handmade items that you might not have thought of before.  Each one will help in different ways such as cutting back on plastic use and using products that don't release chemicals into the environment. Best part?  You are also purchasing from small handmade artisans too.

     Be sure to click on the business names below to be brought right to the handmade business to further check out these items.


Peace Out Plastic ~ Texas

Say goodbye to plastic wrap forever!  Aren't these fabric bowl covers so cute?  Wait until you see the other fabric options,. These covers are double lined and reversible too.


Blossom and Wildwood Co. ~ Alabama

These organic beeswax candles are such a wonderful gift for that environmentalist in your life.  They act as an air purifier, ionizing bad air quality like your own little HEPPA filter. The slow burn of the beeswax candle gives you almost 5x the life of a candle compared to store-bought ones.



Sew Happy Quilting ~ Vermont

These 100% cotton bento bags are a great addition to your zero waste kit. They are available in different sizes and colors and are washable too.  Bento bags are used for produce bags, lunch bags, reusable gift bags and more.  And they are so darn adorable when they are tied - you are sure to wow the crowd with these beauties!


Brooklyn Made Natural ~ California

You will be blown away by this toothbrush!  It's a zero waste bamboo toothbrush made with charcoal bristles and it's plastic-free and biodegradable.  You should stock up now and put these in everyone's Christmas stocking this holiday season.


Oak Po Paper Co. ~ California

These zero waste reusable sponges are made of burlap and bamboo fiber. They are ideal plastic-free alternatives to disposable sponges. These sponges are ideal for daily dish washing and counter scrubbing too.


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Thanks for stopping by and remember, every time you by from a handmade artist, they do a little happy dance.  You are supporting their dreams and talent. 

~ Andrea at Sew Happy Quilting

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