5 Floral Themed Items Made By Handmade Artisans

June 07, 2021

5 Floral Themed Items Made By Handmade Artisans

Flowers, flowers and more flowers!  And these items are oh so pretty!  If you are a flower lover, you are going to love these 5 floral themed items that are made by handmade artisans.  You will love the uniqueness and talent!  You can feel extra special when you purchase from a handmade seller as you are getting something very unique that can't be found at any box store and you are supporting handmade.  Ok now, let's get right to it!


My Note Cards by Irma ~ New York

Look at these adorable handmade floral note cards!  There are only a few left so act fast.  The color and the detail on each card is just mind blowing.  When you send one of these note cards to someone you love, you are also supporting handmade.


The Blooming Bottle ~ California

These gorgeous herbarium bottles are sure to be a conversation piece.  These beauties would add a splash of color to any table or desk area.  If they were on my desk, I don't think I would get a darn thing done all day because I'd just stare at these blooming bottles all day long.


Sew Happy Quilting ~ Vermont

Mug rugs are insulated and washable drink coasters for your hot or cold beverages.  While Sew Happy Quilting has a large variety of mug rug designs, the flower ones are sure to make you smile.  


Aqua Magnolia ~ Georgia

Hey you gotta look stylish on the road too!  These amazing floral themed license plates will add a splash of color and uniqueness to your vehicle. These would also make a great gift for that flower lover with a new license.


Scarlett's Corner Shop ~ Pennsylvania

These beauties will brighten up any room!  Check out all the 3D paper flowers in this shop.  This takes pretty wall decor to a whole new level.  Scarlett's Corner Shop also sells banners, garlands and more.


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Thanks for stopping by and remember, every time you buy from a handmade artist, they do a little happy dance.  You are supporting their dreams and talent. 

~ Andrea at Sew Happy Quilting

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